pink octopus, motherfucker (hazakaza) wrote in bad_service,
pink octopus, motherfucker

I am 99% sure my landlord stole / threw away my bicycle.

So here's the deal. My landlord apparently has been clearing away bikes that are chained up out to our railing. I didn't know that there was a note posted to this effect because it was posted inconspicuously. My room mates told me this today.

I come home today from class: no bike. My boyfriend's crappy bike OR my own crappy-but-functional bike. Which is crazy, because no one would steal either rusted, squeaky POS's like those. I bitch to my room mate, and discover that they had posted this note. It only stayed up for a few days, but the one bike that was rusted to crap which had been out there was gone. I had no idea why, it wasn't mine, and it was poo, so I didn't worry about it.

Now, I am fairly certain this is petty theft. According to my room mates, the note just said "don't put bikes out here." No rights reserved to remove them. That's my personal property, and I pay rent here. Thanks. They made no attempt to find the owners or to ask them to move the bikes; instead, they just removed them. Bad_service, right?

It gets better.

1. The buzzer to let people in has been broken for 14 months. As in, before I moved in. We have asked them repeatedly verbally. Now I'm going to ask them via registered mail so I have proof that we've asked them.
2. They have repeatedly promised to repair wall damage in my room mate's room. The wall is beginning to crumble. There's a huge crack that often leaves bits of paint & plaster on the floor.
3. There is a step missing from the fire escape. This is the big one. It's not up to code = massive fines or something equally horrible. That's my leverage, I think.

I guess my question is, how can I make them jump? I want my bike back--but, chances are, it's on it's way to the dump. I want them to buy me a new bike. I'm getting a copy of my lease to look over so I know exactly whether or not they reserve the right to remove my property from the rail out front or not. I bet they don't. Barring that--how can I make them reimburse me? How can I make them suffer in return for STEALING my bicycle?

ETA: Also, I'm not an idiot, I have in fact read both a tenant's rights handbook and the laws itself concerning this. I just can't figure out what the rail is (common area, private area), and I'm getting a copy of my lease today so I can figure it out. My question is more concerning their rights to remove private property without warning.
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