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Uncle D's will never get MY money

So this has happened twice, and both times my shift supervisor at work paid full price for this outrage. He says he'd complain if he were angry about it - I don't see why he isn't.

The first time we ordered from Uncle D's New York Pizza, it was after 2 AM on a Thursday morning. We placed our order through an online service that lists a lot of local places and their menus. My shift supervisor paid with his credit card.

We waited an hour and called to check the status. Our pizza was JUST going into the oven. Okay, well, we figure, another 15-20 minutes, right? They're busy, yeah? Okay.
45 minutes go by and we call again and they give us some random song and dance. About five minutes later they call back and say our pizza's on the way out to us. Well, our shift supervisor isn't allowed to leave the building so he sent my other co-worker out to pick up the food. I said he should ask for some of our supervisor's money back, considering it took almost 2 hours to get our food to us and they didn't even call to say they were running behind.

He did, and the delivery driver told him (I'm paraphrasing from what he told us), "Well next time, don't order after the bars close!" Oh, so it's OUR fault our pizza is 2 hours late? Also, it was barely lukewarm. I personally didn't think it tasted very good, but the shift supervisor loves it.

A couple weeks later, he orders from them again. I ask him why he'd bother, but he says he really likes their pizza. We order at 1:30 AM (on a Thursday morning again), so the bars aren't closed yet.

Guess what? 2 hours later, we get cold pizza again. Never any call made to inform us our pizza was going to be late or why.

I asked around at work: one of the other supervisors reported a 3.5 hour wait from them, and that was earlier in the week (we live in a college town, so I know Thursday - Sunday is Party Time). I can be pretty understanding; I used to work in a pizzaria. I know they get busy sometimes. But when other pizza places are running behind for one reason or another, they call me and let me know. And I get HOT pizza from them. These people just set new records for their bad service, and I've sworn they won't get one red cent out of me. I'm pondering going in there during the day sometime and letting their day manager know that the night people are terrible.

Uncle D's is just a restaurant as far as I know, but when the bars close, hordes of drunk college students flock to the restaurants that are still open. We knew they'd probably be busy, but that's still no excuse for 2 hour delivery times with no heads-up and cold pizza. We order from other places off that same website other Thursday mornings after the bars close, and we get hot food delivered at a decent time. I could accept the occasional late order if someone would at least give us a call to let us know "Hey, we're understaffed/super busy, so it's going to be an hour before we can get your food to you" - and if our food would at least be WARM when we got it.

The guy that went out to pick up our order the first time, who asked for some of our supervisor's money back, is a very laid-back guy, so while I can't prove it, I highly doubt he did anything to antagonize the driver. I can't believe he'd ask in any way other than politely. Regardless, the driver saying it was our own fault our pizza was late and cold is inexcusable.

The second time we ordered, we tried calling several times for the status of our order. The phone there was answered by a recording that said they were closed early because of Spring Break - even though Spring Break had been over two weeks ago at that point. This seems to suggest to me that they just didn't feel like answering their phones so set it to go to the recording - which no one had changed since Spring Break. We had just about given up on them when they called 2 hours later to say our order was ready.

If it were my own money I'd have complained already, and never ordered from there a second time. I'm not sure how much good my complaining will do, since it wasn't my money being spent, I don't have access to the credit card number that was used to pay for the orders (my shift supervisor ordered and paid both times), and I don't want any sort of coupons or gift certificates because I personally don't like their pizza (though I've never had it hot and fresh). I just think maybe the manager should know that the overnight crew isn't doing a great job, for whatever reason (understaffed/just don't give a damn).

...Also I don't even know where this restaurant IS in town.

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