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Tonight my boyfriend and I stopped by Taco Bell for some late night dinner. It was around 10pm so the lobby was closed and we had to go through the drive-thru. The last time we had gone to this particular location they had given my boyfriend Code Red instead of Wild Cherry Pepsi, but he likes both so we didn't bother to complain. Out of all the times we've been there that's the only mistake I can remember happening. Of course that had to change tonight...

Every single Taco Bell I have ever been to has a habit of putting way to much tomato on their Nachos Bell Grande, so I simply order it without them. Which is exactly what I did tonight. What I got however barely even resembled nachos... A pile of cold chips topped off with a ton of sour cream, a small heap of beef, and a few green onions sprinkled around. WTF? Not even a trace of cheese or refried beans. (No tomato's either, but thats what I asked for.) True it's my fault for not checking the bag a little more carefully. The nachos were underneath everything else my boyfriend and I had ordered, so I just glanced at them to make sure there was no tomato. I didn't really think to check for anything else. But I also very clearly ordered a #5 with no tomato, a soft taco, and a pepsi. The order taker in drive-thru even repeated that all back to me correctly.

So do I have a right to be even a little bit angry? My boyfriend says no because it's my fault for not looking over the bag more carefully. He refused to drive me back up there for that very same reason. But I use to work fast food and we almost always replaced/fixed a customer's order. No matter what. They could of ordered something over a week ago and we would still be forced to replace it. I guess it's to late to do anything now, but I needed to vent a little. -_-'
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