yazz_flute (yazz_flute) wrote in bad_service,

Not horrible service...

But definitely not good service...

So I went to my local chain grocery store today.  Got my cart of groceries and headed to the checkout.  When I got there the girl (a student at the local high school) proceeded to completely ignore me for the entire transaction.  She didn't even respond to my "Hi" when I got up to the register.  See the problem is that she was too busy chatting over my head with the cashier on the other side of me (another high schooler) about how they had been out drinking the night before and how it was like sooo wild and they should like totally do it again and like bring her older brother along because he's like 21 now.  (Seriously, almost every other word was "like"... my brain was melting...)

1.  Don't ignore your customers.
2.  Don't be carrying on conversations with coworkers over your customer's head.
3.  Particularly if they are conversations about non-work appropriate things such as alcohol and drugs.
4.  And definitely don't talk about those things if you're underaged!

*sigh*  This store's service has definitely gone downhill lately.  Unfortunately it's the only grocery store in my town and is about 3 minutes from my house.  The next closest grocery store is a Super-Walmart about 20 minutes away.

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