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last night i had to go to walmart to get some much needed groceries, but as i was walking in, my 7 1/2 month pregnant self suddenly needed to empty my bladder to the point where i thought i wasn't going to make it

i had worked at this walmart a while, but stopped when i became pregnant and had moved an hour away, and will go back after my little girl is born and i move back up this way. so i know how things work...

when i get to the restroom, a sign on a piece of cardboard says "cleaning, please knock". so i knock, no answer. i hear someone in there shuffle to the door like they're holding it shut, and i knock again. a woman (i know who she is, only day shift female janitor they have... and she's always moody) says very rudely "go to the back, this one's closed".
i reply "the sign out here says to knock"
she SNAPPED at me "well I didn't put it there!"

i was tempted to take it off for her since she didn't put it there... i KNOW that at that store, when they're cleaning the bathroom, if a customer or employee needs to use it, they HAVE to let them. im going to call and complain later, i would have last night but i had had an all day baby shower and was running on 4 hours of sleep plus played ball with my 8 yr old cousin... i was exhausted to no end and still had to look forward to an hour drive home.

..just so everyone knows, im not mad that i didn't get to use that restroom, i mad at the fact that she snapped at me! im not psychic! i didn't know she didn't put the sign there. and whether she did or not, the fact that someone who worked for the COMPANY put it there to warn people to knock there. and if she was cleaning it, then why wouldn't SHE put some sort of sign there?

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