Ms. Interpreted (xboyswillbeboys) wrote in bad_service,
Ms. Interpreted

Lousy service from overseas & USPS

I have an addiction. It's pretty heavy, and I spend a bunch of money trying to keep up with it. What's my drug of choice? Handmade bath products from a company called Lush. Now recently, Lush UK had been having "Retro Races" basically, a bunch of discontinued products are put up on the site, and if enough people order them in one week, the product will be made. A bunch of people from the Lush forums, both North America and International, decided on one week to place mass orders, as to get the maximum amount of products made.

I ordered in the beginning of the week, 113.45GBP worth of products, some retro, some from the regular line. I knew that my products wouldn't arrive for quite some time, as they had to be made to order, and then shipped. Everyone who ordered was given a time frame as to when the products would arrive. So, as I'm waiting for my products to arrive, I go through some pretty massive surgery. I'm in the hospital for 4 days, and when I finally do arrive home, I'm getting around my house in a wheelchair, because I can't walk.

My package finally arrives, a day or so after the predicted date, so I'm happy. I hear the postwoman knock on the door, and I make my way over to the stairs to see if she left the package. Nope, she's standing there, staring at her signature pad, the box under one arm. I try to get her attention, as it's going to take me a bit to get down to answer and sign, seeing as wheelchairs and a split entry home are working against me. All efforts are lost, as she's too absorbed in her pad. I finally get down to the door, falling on my bad leg and injuring myself in the process, and hop to the door. Having heard the commotion when I fell (but ironically not my earlier attempts at attention seeking) as I open the door, she says, "You poor dear! If I'd have known I would've come in!" 1. Thank you for noticing AFTER the fact, and 2. I hope you would've asked through the door first.

So I've got my package. I take it to my room and open it up, and sift through shredded paper to find the goodies. What I find is not that good. Although I emailed customer service and asked to have all my products wrapped (and was told they would be) anything non-retro was unwrapped and broken. Knowing that this company has amazing customer service, I emailed them about my damaged items. No problem! They'll be resent! Okay, I'm getting new items, sweet! The replacements arrive in a few days time, and I'm like a kid on Christmas with the box. I get into the guts of the box, remove the shredded paper, and find my replacement items in the bottom, not wrapped, and damaged worse than the first batch. We're talking bath bombs as powder. So I email them again, this time I'm a bit more stern, although not rude, as, y'know, replacements implies they're sending me usable product.

I didn't get an email response, so I figured, that's the end. This morning however, I was pleasantly surprised to be awaken by my mother placing one of their distinctive boxes on my bed. I open it to find a second batch of replacements, wrapped neatly, with an accompanying surprise - one of their wrapped gifts, worth almost $26. So there was a good outcome, but it was not fun to have to deal with all the issues.
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