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Nobody Knows Like Dominoes

I am ordering pizza to the hotel so the boyfriend and I can have the last night alone and not have to worry about going out and stuff. Just a simple dinner that we can eat and then get right into the bed. Sorry if that is sort of graphic sounding. But we did have to get up early.

I called my trusty Dominoes to bring us a pizza. I am reading the coupon to the guy on the phone.
Me: "Yes I would like the Large 3 topping for 10.99 that I have a coupon for and add a two liter of regular Coke" I would like that delivered to the Sleep Inn in (insert town) AL.

Him: No that is for $11.99

Me: No joy, I am reading the coupon you gave me yesterday and it says $10.99

Him: Must be someone else's store, did you order from us?

Me: You are the only ones that deliver to my hotel. Yes it was you.

Him: Is that on ...... road?

Me: That's the one.

Him: Sure no problem what room number?

Me: 313 name is ......

Him: can I have the phone number for the hotel

Me: Sure it is ....... (reading off of the top of the phone in my room)

Him: Ok be there in 30 mins. click.

So we had time to kill and found some things to do. Decided it would be in our best interest to wait till later to get in the jacuzzi downstairs being that the pizza was due any second. Or so we thought.

It is now 45 minutes and I am starting to worry about the food. My boyfriend is hungry...and I am wanting some pizza myself. I call Dominoes to check the status of my order only to be informed by Kenneth (who announces he is the manager) that no calls have been placed from the Sleep Inn today. However when I called I said I was calling from the Sleep Inn and would like to see about an order he mysteriously said "Is this the one for 202 or the lobby"? So he was busted right there. He offered to take my order and I told him "No I will talk it over with my significant other and call you back". I wanted to say "I don't want you losing another order or doubling one. 2 hrs after the pizza was due a Dominoes guy shows up at a most inconvenient time. He bore a pizza. I told him to just wait one second please. My boyfriend scrambled up the number for Dominoes again and Kenneth the wonder manager answers. I asked the man to come in. (Me: Myself PB: Pizza Boy)

Me: Is Kenneth your manager?
PB: Yeah why?
Me: This pizza is late by like an hour and a half. However Kenneth swears the order is an act of God because no orders were placed from here.
PB: (on the phone now with Kenneth) Hello? Yeah, no I checked the screen. Yeah it was for here. No the call came from here. No not a cell, but from a room. Yeah I can look at it. (peals off a label on the box to read the bill and contents) Yeah, ok, how much do I charge and what do I do? OK.
PB: (to me)$16.99)
Me: (Hand him a $20 and he stands there.) Do you have some change?
PB: Oh yeah sure.
Me: Tell ya what, you keep the rest, you are underpaid for the stuff you have to put up with at that store.
PB: Thanks.
Me: Don't mention it.

Open the box to a stone cold pizza. I am so tempted to report this Dominoes for suckville service and now that Kenneth the Wonder Manager has been ever so ready to announce his status, I have a name too. What do you think?
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