_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

Dear post office, FUCK YOU.

I moved into my new apartment a month and a half ago. I put in a change of address. I've only received mail from Comcast and my electric company thus far.

So I called the post office. First I get hung up on. Second, I get an incredibly bitchy woman who asks me if I put in a change of address. I tell her I did, and that the only mail I have recieved was Comcast and my electric bill. She asks if I put in a change of address. I tell her again, yes. She shouts at me asking for my name and address. I tell her, she tells me there was no change of address. I ask her then why my account was charged [I did it online, they charge a dollar]. She says there is no change of address. I said that I put one in and was charged. She asks me if I've recieved any mail at all. I tell her again, only Comcast and my electric bill. She says "There is no change of address so I have to transfer you to them. HOLD ON". She immediately clicks off, and I am transferred. To a department that has a pre-recorded message that say they're closed.

Finally I call back and just ask them to tell me what address they DO have on file for me. Funny - it's the same address, different apartment number. I know I put in the right apartment number though. I'm positive. But all of my mail has been going to the wrong apartment. I went into my complex office and asked them if they have any of my mail and they say no. So, either the person in the apartment where my mail is going is keeping my mail or they're not recieving it either.

I've been sent a few gifts within the past two weeks and now I don't know if they're being kept by the other people, or ... just dissapearing. I do plan on going to their apartment and asking them for my mail, but I don't know what to do if they say they don't have it. Fucking awesome.

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