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Sorta bad service

I guess I am a sucker for punishment. Really I must be.

I had posted about this particular place a while ago.

There is only one place around us that delivers Chinese Food to where we live. After not feeling good all week, my husband suggests that maybe some Egg Drop Soup might help me feel better so I decided to call this place.

Here lately it seems that the service has been going downhill. The girl who works the front is the same one that has been working it since we started going there and the only reason I called so late is because it was really late and I was hoping I could get it delivered because we only have one vehicle and he had it at work last night.

So I call and the first words out of my mouth was "Are you still delivering?"

She said yes so I proceeded to tell her my order. She gives me my total and says it will be here in thirty to thirty five minutes.

My voice is still off from the sore throat and I remembered I hadn't asked for extra soy sauce and duck sauce. So I call her back.

Her..(insert name of resturant here)
Me..This is the order for (insert address here)
Her..What do you want?
Me..I forgot to ask, could you please add some extra soy sauce and duck sauce to the order.
Her..*starts speaking in her native tounge*
Me..waiting for her to finish talking
Her..*Screams into the phone* WHAT ELSE!!!
Me..Just the soy sauce and the duck sauce.
Her..*hangs up phone*

This isn't the first time she has done bad service. When there are customers in the store, she will speak to her co workers in their native tongue while pointing at the customers in the store. Sometimes she will laugh while she is doing it. I don't know if this is a family owned buiness or not but I am guessing it is because she is always there from opening to closing.

Even though she yelled, I still tipped the driver good. He is always quick with his deliveries, always polite.

Just a small bit of bad service suckage.

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