The unPossible (plushabilities) wrote in bad_service,
The unPossible

Pharmacy Bad Service

Dear Pharmacist For Grocery Chain Store,

Hi, I'm here to pick up a prescription for my younger brother. Our doctor called you a while ago to say that it would be alright, and I know you guys got the call because Other Pharmacist For Said Chainstore told me. Here's my ID, may I please have the meds so I can pay for it and be on my merry way?

...what? No? Why not?

...Oh! Because you think I'm going to abuse it?

Why yes. Yes I am. Because I totally love the high that I get from immunosuppressants. Yup, I pop one every morning to start my day, and deal the extras out on the street.

Are you INSANE? They're IMMUNO SUPPRESSANTS. They are not painkillers, or cold medicines, or ANYTHING vaguely abusable. They kill your immune system. My brother needs them, but they'd make me sick as a dog who has gotten into the chocolate.

Oh, so you're actually out of the meds? Why didn't you JUST SAY THAT!? Geebus!

I'll be back.

No love,
The One Who Just Wants Her Brother To Feel Better

PS: In RL I was very polite. The inside of my head wanted me to say this, though.
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