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Medical suck

So this is a minor suck that happened during finals week at my college.
I started having major tooth pain on the left side of my mouth. It got so bad that I had problems opening my mouth and my cheek got very tender. So off to the health center for me. I get there almost as soon as they open and my mouth is so sore that I can barely talk. I get check it okay and then wait for a few minutes before I see an actual doctor.
Now I understand that my teeth are bad, as I haven't had dental insurance for a few years and have had bad experiences with dentists in the past (one had me flat on my back and got annoyed that I complained of discomfort) so it has been awhile since I last saw one. She comments on this as she is poking around in my mouth. As she is pressing on a tooth, she pokes me in the cheek which hurts like hell. I cry out to which she says "oh did that hurt?" No, says my inner monologue, I randomly cry out in pain for no reason. She asks me if have any insurance beside through the school, which I don't. She then tells me that I have to see the dentist and that she will schedule me an appointment. I am practically in tears due to pain as she calls a randomly selected dentist office. Here is what I heard of the conversation before I left to get happy pain pills.
Yes, because i want the dentist to think that I am one telling you yell at the poor receptionist as he is poking me with very sharp tools. She then tells me that she made an appointment for me, without actually asking me what time/day worked for me. Needless to say, she scheduled an appointment for the next day for a time in which I have a final.
I went home and spent the day taking pain pills and watching Law and Order. I also canceled the appointment with that dentist and have since scheduled an appointment with another dentist.
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