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Locally Owned Repo XD

I'm making payments on a really cute sectional couch from McMahans. They're really strict with their payments, although there's really no reason... I actually had to get approved for credit. (The other two furniture stores boast "no credit checks" and I would assume they'd be strict because it's high risk, but not this place.)

Yet, payments are due on the 1st and they will start calling... on the 1st at 5pm. If I'm not home to answer the phone, they leave 3 messages a day until I come in and pay. A phone call to tell them I'll be in on the 3rd (I'm supposed to have a 10 day grace) isn't good enough... they'll note that I called but until the cash is in their till, they call and call and call.

If that wasn't annoying enough, someone rang my doorbell at 9AM one time and woke me up. When I answered the door, it was a rather large man wearing a McMahan's shirt. I asked him what he wanted, and he said he was "here for the couch."

Excuse me?! I'd already paid the bill... like a week ago... I was current and had the receipt. I asked him to wait and went and dug it out of my wallet.

He looked at the receipt, then called the store on his cellphone. I was standing in the door looking sleepy (it was the one day I get to sleep in) and listening too him tell his co-worker how this was unprofessional and  he didn't want to get slapped with harassment. I agreed.

I asked him, because I'd never had a repo-attempt before, if they would have taken the couch if my room mate had answered and not known what was going on. He honestly said he didn't know, but he'd personally put notes in my account saying never to take anything unless I was home.

So, the suck wasn't him... the bad service was the people at the office who didn't process my payment and set me up for repo without calling me (I was home all morning)... when they have no problem calling 3 times a day when they want money. I guess at this point, I've paid more then half of the vouch off, so it's more profitable for them to take it back and keep my payments.


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