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Dry Cleaner Suck

A week ago, I went to the dry cleaners and asked if they hem pants, how long it typically takes and how I should measure my pants to indicate where I would like them cut.
She said yes, two days and if I wanted to, I could bring my pants there, try them on in the back and she would assist me with the measuring.
I said that was perfect.

I come back a few days later (aka yesterday) with my three pairs of pants.

I ask her (the same woman) about going into the back and getting help with measuring and she says no and that I need to pin them myself.
I thought that perhaps I heard her wrong the first time, so I then just cut to the how I should do the pinning myself.
I tell her I don't know how and I don't have any pins. She shoves some pins in an envelope and says just pin up one leg of each pant to where you want them cut and come back.
I thanked her for the pins, went home, pinned one pant leg on each pair of pants and my boyfriend said he would drop them off on his way to work this morning.

He woke me up a half hour ago, to tell me that this same woman (he was with me the first time I went) told him that I pinned the pants wrong and that they have a place in the back where I can get measured and assisted with pinning. I now believe this room exists in the back only when it's convenient for her.

Argh. Apparently she gave him this big lecture about how to pin pants, as well. Apparently with cuffs, you have to do it a certain way and there is a precise method to pinning pants and blah blah blah. He kept trying to get out of the conversation, knowing it was making him late for work.

Time to get pinned up by this person who will probably give me the same lecture; ideally, I won't make an edit to this post updating on more suckage

ETA: My boyfriend left my pants with her, so I could go in today and get them done. I definitely already feel that this is a bad sign and that I should go someplace else. I'm going to go in and see what happens..
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