Midnight Silver (reijigin) wrote in bad_service,
Midnight Silver


Previous post made me want to complain about this, haha.

So I went to Macy's today... Yeah, I already know I'm going to get a bunch of "This is why I don't shop at Macy's!" comments but I've never had crappy service at either of the ones around here. Today? I don't know what the hell was wrong with everyone on shift today, but by the end of it I was pretty pissed off.

First off, my friend and I tried some things on and we both had things we didn't want. So as we're walking out of the fitting room there's a rack there and an employee standing next to it putting something on a hanger. Since she was directly in front of the rack (meaning I couldn't reach it) I said hi and held a few things out to her as she put down the hanger she was holding. She didn't look at me and all and walked past me into the fitting rooms. Nice.

Then I went over to look at shoes. In the entrance to the back room (where all the shoe boxes are) there were three employees sitting around talking REALLY loudly. They were loud and clear from the other side of the section. And because I'm actually looking to buy a pair of shoes (not just browsing) I'm picking things up, checking prices, etc. Not a single one of them looked my way the whole time, even when I was looking at a table right next to them. I was mostly annoyed because I noticed two other women who had been helped (they were trying on shoes) nearby. I looked around the entire section without them saying a word to me, but I guess it didn't matter because I didn't find any shoes worth trying on anyway.

And neither of those are so bad (not really worth a post here) if it wasn't for what happened when I was trying to check out. I walk over to a set of registers where three (THREE) employees are standing around talking behind the counter. My friend and I walked up and I stood in front of the register that was on, set my purchase down, set my purse down, and took out my wallet. They did not say ANYTHING to either of us. Kept talking, glancing at us a few times, for quite a while. I mean, a couple of minutes. Long enough that I read every sign and advert around the register, looked around at some of the china on display behind them, talked to my friend about the water bottles that were for sale, looked at the pictures on the gift cards. I started to feel really uncomfortable after a while because it was getting to be much longer than is reasonable. Then one of them finally walked up to the register and picked up the dealie to scan the tags, when the other one goes "Wait, where's my bag?" and the one about the ring me out stops and turns around to look for the other woman's purse with her. After they found the bag (sitting on top of the counter in plain sight) she finally rung me out in less than thirty seconds. Then I got the hell out.
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