Catie (indicinderelly) wrote in bad_service,

Minor Annoyance

When I'm in your store to trade cash for an item, I expect a cashier to acknowledge me and do their job while I'm standing in line.

I personally DON'T like when people are SUPER chatty and overly friendly or whatever, and I really really don't like when people ignore me completely. I'm a Libra so I guess I'm all about balance, and I think a polite HiHowAreYouDidYouFindWhatYouNeed or something similar is perfect. If you're overly friendly or whatever I certainly don't consider it bad service, just a personal annoyance.

However, I do feel that the ignoring bit IS bad service.

LOVE Wal-mart. Will not go back to this location again though. My sister's car broke down today so I've been taking her where she needs to go while still trying to do my stuff. I have been job hunting for months and finally got one today, and was told I needed khaki pants to wear. Dropped my sister at her bf's place and hit the nearest walmart. Walked in, found my pants and then an open lane.

Her: Looks at me.
Me: *smiles* Hi
Her: *turns back to co-worker* blah blah blah blahblahblah McBlahBlah So I said Blah blah blah
Me: *non-confrontational* *stands there, akwardly*
Her: *turns to my pants* *fiddles with pants* *sees barcode, looks at tag where the size is located* (I wasn't in her head so I can't say WHY she looked at that tag too, but I thought it was a bit rude if she was just curious or whatever)
Me: *feels akward and fat*
Her: BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH *has trouble ringing pants up because she's not paying attention*
Me: *pulls out $10 bill because the pants are $9 on sale*
Her: *finally rings them up*
Me: *moves money closer to her as if to, oh I don't know, PAY for the item!*
Her: *ignores* BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH *looks at money* *ignores* BLAHBLAHBLAH *looks back at money* *takes it*
Me: *wants to leave*
Her: *tries to push cash button* *pushes it repeatidly* BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH *finally realizes she needs to hit TOTAL first, THEN cash*
Me: *barely waits for change to be DROPPED somewhere close to the vicinity of my hand* *grabs bag and leaves*

Aaaand because I like leaving things on a positive note, To the Home Depot People right across the street that I was in moments before WallyWorld: Thank you. I hate going into places like that because I almost never have a clue what's going on, what I need or where to find it. I'm usually not in there for me actually. But I needed a key made today and there wasn't a person at the Key-Making-Station, and the self-checkout dude not only was uber polite when I asked him to locate someone for me, but let me know they were on their way, and made polite but MINOR conversation so that I was not bored waiting for the dood to come from the complete opposite side of the building. Thanks for making my short visit a pleasant one. Sorry the Wal-mart dork killed the great mood you put me in.

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