Bear (djmedieval) wrote in bad_service,

Die BP Die

I hate being mistreated by businesses that I give my business to. I own a home right next to a shopping mall, and there are lots of gas stations between my place and the Interstate, but there's one gas station, a BP franchise, that I prefer to go to.

My card wouldn't go through when I ran it at the pump, so I went inside, gave them my card, and pumped my gas. I went back inside, got a banana, some OJ and one of the ham biscuits they had for sale. When I got to the front counter to pay, apparently cards were not processing at all, so the guy drags out the old card imprinter. He imprints the card of the guy in front of me (after 3 tries) and sends him on his way. The following conversation transpires:

BP Guy: *tries to run my card through the nonworking card reader*
Me: You might as well go ahead and start trying to make an imprint...
BP Guy: "You let us run the store, you just wait."
Me: ... Uh ... *sigh* *look at watch ... I've been standing here for 8 minutes...*
BP Guy: "You can look at your watch and aggravate me all you want, but that won't get it done any faster."
Me: ... ... ... "It is generally not considered good business practice to alienate the customers of yours that PREFER to give you their business when your competition is more or less next door in any cardinal direction. It will be a cold day in hell before I get gas here again."
BP Guy: "That's fine, I don't need your business anyway."

P.S. This is a franchised BP, and the BP Guy is the owner himself. A smiling picture of this guy is bolted to the wall, and it says So and So, Owner.
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