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Hair Straightener Woes

Last week, my friend N told me that a local hair care store was selling a very good hair straightener with a 10 year warranty for half-price. I immediately went to go check it out and bought one. Unfortunately, while N's worked a treat mine would randomly shut off and after using it twice completely shut down and would not heat up. I hadn't dropped it on the ground or spilled water on it, so I assumed it was just a dud and I could get a replacement.
I went to the store the next day and explained I had used the hair straightener twice, and that I believe it had shorted out, and I asked for a replacement. The manager huffed at me and told me I probably broke it myself, and asked if I had dropped it, etc. I told her no, and she takes the hair straightener to plug it into the wall next to her. She was about it plug it in, then she straightened up, looked at me, and walked to the back room with the hair straightener. I'm more than a little confused at this point, and after five minutes or so she comes back and says that it has shorted out and she'll give me a replacement, but it was probably my fault anyways because I'm clearly not careful with my things. She then tells me in this baby voice that my hair product probably messed it up.

I wanted to yell at her that I've used the straightener twice for ten minutes each, and the hair product I use could not have done any damage to the hair straightener within a time period of two days (the product is actually designed to do as little damage as possible to the hair straightener) and that I had checked several times to make sure that the product hadn't left any marks or damage. At this point I just wanted the new hair straightener so I just waited for her to do the sale.

As I'm leaving the store she tells me: 'If I see this again I will not return it because it's your fault'. WTF?

I'm sure she's probably had customers who have done stupid things to the hair supplies they buy, but I was polite as possible to her and told her several times that I had not done anything that would incur damage. And how could I possibly break something with a 10 year warranty in two days?

Fortunately, I got the last one they had in stock (they had 50 when I originally came in) and this one is wonderful and I haven't had any problems yet. And if I do, I can either it to the other store across the city or return it to the company myself.

On Thursday April 3rd, I bought a Metropolis hair straightener that was on sale at your Orleans location. However, when using the product for the first time (for roughly 10 minutes), the hair straightener would at random intervals shut off. The second time (on the second day) I used it, after five minutes the hair straightener turned off and would not turn on again. I assumed the hair straightener had shorted out or was simply a dud. I returned to the store it on Monday April 7th at roughly 11:30 am to exchange the hair straightener for a new one.

The sales clerk was extremely rude to me, and when I explained the situation she told me that I had caused the problem myself, but she would check to make sure. She went to a back area of the store (without informing me as to why) and did not return for several minutes. I saw her at the back of the store putting the straightener into two different plugs. She admitted that it was indeed broken, but once again told me that I had caused it, telling me that I had probably dropped it or put it in water. I explained that neither had happened, and once again reiterated that I had only used the product two times. She then told me that my hair product caused it to fail and said there were marks on the hair straightener from my product. However (although I did not say this, as I wanted to leave the store), there were no marks to be seen, and both hair products I use do very little damage to hair straighteners and are put in my hair before drying (one of these products is from the Metropolis company itself). As well these products are to be used with hair straighteners, and after a short two day use would incur little damage, if at all.

The sales clerk did exchange the product, but told me she would not do another return as it would probably be my fault. I am very fond of Trade Secrets and the products sold, as are many of my friends, but I felt very insulted that she assumed I had done damage to the hair straightener in such a short time and refused to do future returns due to it 'being my fault'. I understand that working in such an environment can be frustrating, particularly if there are problem customers, but I felt the way I was treated was inexcusable, as I was quite polite. At this moment, I am sincerely considering shopping at another store for my hair products given my experience.


Name O'McName

Edit: Found the company website with an e-mail, and I'm going to send a complaint off:
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