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Shoppers Drug Mart suck about my tattoos

So I'm at Shoppers Drug Mart today with my mom, and I have a rather large, visible text tattoo on my chest.
 I'm used to people trying to read it, and I usually have no problem if someone asks to see the whole thing (usually I have a hoodie on, and it's zipped up so the tattoo just peeks out) and it doesn't bug me. But when someone goes as far as telling me that tattoos can be removed, and that I'm going to regret it when I'm 40, then I start getting pissed off. This is how things went when I got to the front of the line.

Me: ME!
CCL: Crazy cashier lady

CCL: What does your chest say?
Me: -unzips hoodie to show lady- 
CCL: That's permanent you know!
Me: uh...
CCL: You can actually get tattoos removed now. My daughter has one that she doesn't like either, and she's been looking into removal.
Me: Well, this one's for my grandpa who passed away, and I love it to death so I don't plan on geting it removed. 
CCL: Well, just letting you know that when you're 40 and you're like "What the hell was I thinking" there's still a way of getting it removed. You're still young and you think you love it now, but you never know.
CCL: Ok well you have a nice day now!

I think I can decide for myself whether I like my tattoos, thanks. 

Maybe it's not as big of a deal as I think, but it was none of her business. Obviously I know they're permanent. UHDUHHHH woman.

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