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Full Service

I was driving through New Jersey with my boyfriend. For those that don't know, they have full service stations only. My car was acting a little funny, so we pulled over to check on the oil level. We had nothing to wipe the oil stick with, so we figured we could just get it checked at the station while they fill up my gas tank. No big deal, I've done this before without a fuss in a similar situation. I was wrong.

I'm waiting for a free lane at the gas station. An attendant, lets call him Bob, says "Hey baby, let me show you something. come on baby, back up, back up, back up." Apparently he was trying to get me to switch over to another lane. Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand people calling me "baby" like that. Rude, but I thought I should let it slide.

I ask Bob to fill my tank on regular, and to go ahead and check my oil level for me. He agrees. I pop the hood, but he's looking at the car like he's never seen an engine before. After a couple of minutes of standing there like an idiot, he calls someone else over to help him. Another employee checks my oil level. Bob then comes over to me to remind me that this is not a shop that would be charging me "by the minute" (as in hinting that I'm obligated to leave him a fantastic tip for his "service" despite his total ineptitude.)

Bob drills me on what kind of oil to put in my car, how much, etc, and I say "I don't know, however much it needs." And he says something to the effect of "come on baby I gotta line of people waiting for me". At this point he starts getting into an argument with my boyfriend. Bob tells him to get out of the car to take a look at the oil level to see for himself. He finally adds oil in the car after 10-15 minutes (it should have taken less than 5 minutes to do this) and comes over, hands me my card and receipt. I take it and Bob says "excuse me, can i see that?" practically reaching into my car. At this point, he was starting to sound a bit hostile. I don't know if he was pointing to the cash sitting next to me or the receipt to point out how much the total was and how much I should be tipping him. I finally hand him $2 and told him to please go away. I rolled up my window and left.

I wish I got out of the car and handed the cash to the other employee who knew what he was doing instead of Bob.
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