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TV Update :(

Well, my patience has finally worn out with Circuit City.

This post about them "rescheduling" me for getting service on my TV was originally amusing, but now this is ridiculous. The same woman called me again this morning while I was at class and said the technician would now be coming on Wednesday. No "please call us if this doesn't work for you," no mention of "we're sorry if this has inconvenienced you," nada, zip.

Of course I actually have classes all day Wednesday, plus a midterm tomorrow night. Wednesday is a no-go for me. When I called back I admit I was almost entering customers-suck territory, since the guy who answered the phone obviously wasn't the original lady who called and rescheduled me the the first two times. I hope I wasn't too snappy with him. :(

Now the technician will supposedly come next Tuesday, a full 2 weeks after the TV stopped working.

What irks me the most is that my parents bought me this TV as an amazing Christmas present, and it's not even 5 months old yet. They know what's going on and feel somehow responsible for it, which makes me feel worse. It shouldn't suddenly turn off for good after being on for only 15 minutes last week. And furthermore, I'd expect slightly better repair service for a $700 TV plus the oh-so-super $150 "5 year advantage protection plan." For that amount of money, I would think that the customer could either...

a. Choose a date that works for them, instead of Circuit City giving them a day to be home,


b. Know in advance what time the technician is actually coming. I've learned that they call you between 7 and 9 that morning on the day of service to tell you when he'll be there. When you're a student, this is absolutely impossible to work around sometimes.

I've never actually complained to a company before, and I'm not sure if this is common practice. Any advice would be helpful. :(

But for anyone else who happens to buy at Circuit City, don't bother with the advantage protection plan. Even if it adds 5 years to the warranty, this service doesn't make it worthwhile at all.
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