whosits (whosits) wrote in bad_service,

A review I just left on hotels.com about the Hilton Garden Inn that is located in Nanuet, NY. The uptight jerks. 

"The people at the front desk are rude. Just because we don't fit in to the stereotype of the other guests doesn't mean we can't afford to stay there. I also don't appreciate the visible reaction of disgust when asked a simple question just because I don't look like you. This is a reoccuring theme because after moving our entire house across country in Dec my husband stayed there for a night and they actually asked him if he could afford it.  The only reason hotel service got a 2 is because there was someone there every time we went through the lobby.

We both have great jobs, and yes we can afford to stay there, but we are taking our business elsewhere."

Granted, I look like a bum. I can't wear makeup or jewelry to work so I just wear my wedding ring and my husband looks "scary" with his full length leather trench coat and his goatee that he has been growing out for a year, but come on now. This time it was for our wedding anniversary and we never get to see each other because of our work schedules so this was important to us. 

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