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Short post about a long wait

A post in customers_suck reminded me of this (about people complaining over wait times at restaurants.)

A few months ago, a group of us went to D&B on a Saturday night and decided we were hungry, but didn't want the everything-fried-and-greasy D&B food. So we wandered around the shopping center it was in for a while trying to find a restaurant whose wait wasn't atrocious. What's up, Saturday night dinner crowd?

Everywhere we walked into had an hour wait. Except for one. I walked in by myself to ask about the wait time, and got to the hostess stand after wiggling through the throng of people standing in front of it. When I asked the hostess how long it would be to be sat, she eyed me and said, perhaps a little snippy, "3 hours." I was TOTALLY not expecting that. In my complete surprise, I blurted out "HOLY SHIT! REALLY?"

Now, I've been a hostess before (at Bennigan's, hoo-ray!) so I was very sympathetic to what she was dealing with and had little problem with her being a little snippy at me. (Sh)It happens. BUT THEN!

After my (totally harmless, albeit a bit loud) response to the wait, she started yelling at me to leave or she was going to call her manager and/or security over to escort me out. HAHA WHAT?? The other diners-to-be got dead quiet and turned around and looked at us and I was all !!!!!!!

The whole experience was so surreal that I was actually almost laughing about our exchange and quickly ducked out. I explained what happened to the rest of my friends outside and they were OMGWTFing with me.

We ended up finding a restaurant that only had a 20 minute wait and nummy veggie burgers. Win!

Haha ok edit! I was never aggressive or angry or upset at her. I didn't yell and start swearing at her. My response was more of a "HAHA WHAT??" than an "OMGWTF YOU BITCH HOW DARE YOU!!!!!". I was even laughing a little bit when I responded to her. I had to deal with some batshit insane people when I was a hostess, and I would never yell at a customer unless they, like, started throwing shit at me. (And even then I would probably just hide behind the hostess stand, haha.)

Aaaand edit #2. And perhaps I should be a little more clear with what she said to me. I realize now that me summarizing her response makes it seem more civil than it was (or at all.) It wasn't just her raising her voice and asking me to leave or she was going to have me escorted out. It was a Soup Nazi-esque "GET OUT! NOW! I'LL HAVE MY MANAGER GET SECURITY!" etc, etc. Woo!

One more edit because I'm procrastinating a lot. Really, guys? Screaming at a customer is perfectly acceptable if they so happen to utter a relatively vanilla curse? Does "shit" even count as a bad word anymore? :D

Haha, I think this community has desensitized some of you to bad service if it's not absolutely horrendous service.
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