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Dell Woes

I am pretty sure people have heard some horror stories with regards to Dell and their out-sourced call center's retardedness. I really need to vent though, so bear with me.

Last week, my boss finally approved my "company expense" laptop, and i proceeded to buy it from Dell, seeing that i can somewhat customise it to play games too. There was nothing wrong with it, so i only changed 1 component, which was the sound card. The promotion running at that time was a bonus 2 year XPS premium services (something like a warranty?) and a printer.

Pretty much the very next day (from the start date that i could see on the website), the promotion was changed to include a 120 Gig Seagate Harddrive, instead of a printer. From the description, it sounds like it was an external hard drive. Now, since i am both a student and a manager of a restaurant, i do have printers coming out of my ass. So i called up Dell to ask 2 very simple questions:

1) have you received the cheque from us?
2) Is it possible to switch from printer to the hard drive promotion instead?

The first question couldn't be answered since i didn't have the full cheque's details. that's fine, so the first guy, Sam, transferred me to the right department to ask about the hard drive. Which... took to me an "empty line". That's what i call a line with no ring tone, no one to pick up, an absolute wall of silence.

A simple mistake, perhaps. i was a telemarketer too, so i decided to just call back for the right department.

The receptionist lead me to this guy who... called himself Mike, but sound so much like Sam!!! "maybe it's me" so i thought, so i proceeded to ask him the same question 2).

He sighed, and started delivering a FULL LENGTH lecture worth about Marketing strategies and how Dell is just out to trick customers to buy the hard drive so they don't have to attend to us for another year, and therefore in reality, we are really losing a year's worth of warranty for something practically useless and fairly cheap compared to the warranty. 

To say i was shock, would be an understatement. I told him to check the website, it still says 2 year XPS Premium Services.

He gave me another sighed, and started talking like i was stupid, "Then this probably means the laptop is more expensive than the one you bought."

"that's impossible. It's still 2217.6"

"i don't believe you. How about you go find the cheque number, so that i can find out if the payment has been processed, while i double check how much this current promotion REALLY costs."

I decided to let it go at that and started getting ready to go to work to find the cheque number. Whilst changing, my pc pinged me, alerting me to a new email. It was from Mike, and on the cover sheet it says,

"The price is now 2259.6, AFTER discount."

The website stated clearly that with all the exact same specs as what i bought, it would still be the same price! I checked his pdf's quote, and it stated the same 2217.6. Where is Mike pulling this 2259 amount from?!?!

So i called up, and asked to speak to a supervisor. The moment the receptionist got my details, she promptly hung up. I got even more mad, and this time i didn't give my details, and insisted on a supervisor. As the conversation continued on though, he neither tried to offer help or even allowed me to change my sales consultant. he just listened and said,

"let me put you back to mike. let him finish the transaction."

"WHY would i speak to someone who spoke ill of dell and wasted my time giving me a lecture on marketing strategies?"

"*I* will be monitoring the conversation."

so, like a punished child, i was forced to speak to mike, who was GIGGLING through out the whole conversation, while insisting that i misunderstood him, that what he meant was i should provide him the cheque number if not i would not receive the laptop for the next month.

looking at the website today, i see my payment's still processing. If they send me the laptop a month later, i really don't know what i should do.

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