kryceksangel (kryceksangel) wrote in bad_service,

Alaska Airlines

This was told to me by a friend last night.  She was flying from Los Angeles to Portland (not her final stop.  Weird airline but that has nothing to do with this story.

My friend had her arm in a sling because she had an 80% tear in her cuff.  Her daughter had bought her a small suitcase with wheels for a carry on and she was really struggling.  A stewardess told her not to worry.  The young man behind her would help her.

My friend, she is a real sweetheart, asked the Steward to place her bag in the bin above her seat.

The steward took the bag and then said to her: You can take the sling off now.  He was not joking.

She started crying.  Her daughter (and I told her so last night) said she should take it up with the airline.  That behavior is inexcusable.  

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