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Verizon Fios

 Hokay. So. When we first moved to the Angola area of Lewes, DE, we had Mediacom (cable) hooked up with television and cable internet. We started out paying $75 a month for both services, we had the 'entertainment' package' which gave us HBO, Starz and a few other misceleneous chanels, but most specifically G4, which is the gaming network and really the only reason we had cable TV as it was. One day we receive a bill that says we owe $150 a month for the same service... We call them up, and they tell us that they have recently reorganized their "Tiers" and what we had on Tier 1 was now only available on Tier 2, and that they had upgraded us to that selection, thus our promo rate was no longer available, yada yada yada. We have a friend that was a head tech for Mediacom and he said thats what they regularly do to screw people over, as there are no other cable options in the area. 

We disconnected the service. Immediately.

So, Verizon Fios had recently come into the area. Fiance and I are big internet users (ebay=money!) and we decided that we didn't need TV to live, so we went with them. PERFECT service for about a year or so. Then our neighbor gets the same service as us. While the tech is out here setting up his internet, he accidentally disconnects ours. Okay, doesn't seem like much of a problem. So we call up the Fios 800 number and we talk to a rep who says she doesn't know why our internet was disconnected because we were paying on time and such. She has our internet reconected and all seems fine until we recieve the bill. We had been paying $45 a month for the 15/40 (or whatever it is... ) service, and now we get a bill for $75 dollars. We called up to see what the deal was, and the rep says that because we were not 'new' customers that we could not receive the promo rate we had when we were disconnected, and that there was a $20 reconnection fee. We were a little confused, but, we argued with them for a while saying it was their own stupid fault that we got disconnected in the first place, so they said they would credit our account the $20 and change our bill so that it would only be $45 a month. For us, that extra $10 a month does mean something to us. Anyway, so month goes by, we get the bill... Still says we owe $20 for the connection, and still says $55 for the service, AND $150 for an unreturned modem/router. SO, we call them up, and we get an actual manager on the phone this time. We explain the situation, and she reveiws our account and notices that the last rep we talked with had credited the OLD account of ours with the $20 for the connection fee and had changed the OLD account's billing to $45 a month, even though the account was closed because they disconnected us (apparantly when you re-connect, they start a new account). She adds the credit to our account, and says she is going to remove the $150 for the unreturned modem and router (which, we never got a router from them, because we're using our own linksys router... their router sucked and we returned it within the first month of service!). So, even though it was removed from our NEW account, our OLD account still reflects that we never returned anything and we are getting collections notices in the mail saying that if we do not return the modem, that we will be placed into a collection agency. We called them up, again, and bitched them out. They FINALLY removed the damned charge from all over the place, credited our account $100 for the trouble, and changed our rate to $35 a month! All in all, they made up for their suckage, but, still. You would think they would have this shit straightened out by now! 

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