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Sucky service at a local restaurant...and a bad LJ comm

So the customers_suck comm indeed itself sucks. Apparently it's ok for the other, more "seasoned" members to make posts about their rude attitude with bad customers but if an "omgz n00bez" makes a post with her "rude" attitude, it's like the worst thing that has ever happened. Oh, and the mod is a total bitch.

EDIT: Seriously, you all have to stop. I can't breath cause I'm laughing so hard. You all should really consider becoming comics cause all you c_s kiss asses are HILARIOUS! XDDDDDDD

I went to a small local restuarant a few nights ago and now I never want to go there again after going a few times a month for several years. There is this one waitress there, everyone I know who goes/works at this restaurant complains about her. She's slow, she's a door hog, she constantly messes up orders, etc... I've always been lucky enough to avoid her but the other night the restaurant was so busy and one of the only tables for me and my friends was in her section.

So we sat down and waited...and waited...and waited some more. About 20 minutes later she finally came over to take our drink orders. Because we had waited so long we had all decided on what we wanted for dinner. But as I opened my mouth to tell her we were ready, she walked away. Ok, whatever. She returned about 10 minutes later with ALL the wrong drinks (3 Sprites instead of 2 Diet Cokes and an orange soda.) We corrected her and she got all snotty "You guys asked for Sprites. Why are you changing your minds AFTER I've gone through the trouble of getting you the drinks?" She huffed and walked away.

At this point we all wanted to leave but it was a Saturday night, anywhere else we would've went would have been just as crowded and we were starving. About another 10 minutes passes and she brings back the right drinks. She takes our orders and leaves. We sat there for almost an hour before she came over with our food. We asked her after about 45 minutes if our food was almost ready. To which she said "Does it look like I have anything for you? No. So your food isn't ready." Ugh. So as she approached our table she tripped and fell, sending our food everywhere. I felt bad. They were really busy and even though she had been mean that is still a shitty thing to have happen. Since she fell right next to me I got up to help her clean up everything. She took the little towel she had hanging in her apron and slapped my arms with it "Don't touch that! I'm sure as shit not gonna be responsible if some little bitch gets her fingers cut up cause she feels the need to help people all the damn time!"

Now there was an entire room of people that were witnesses to this. I just stood there, jaw open, completely in shock. At that point I demanded to see the manager. The manager came over and I told him what happened and that I was so frustrated. The waitress, being no help to herself, stood there trying to derail everything I was saying, even though the 5 or so tables around us backed me up. The manager apologized and had our meals remade. After telling him I didn't feel comfortable with her handling my food (I was afraid she'd spit in it or something) he offered to make the food and deliver it himself, which he did. He also comped all of our meals and gave us certificates for our next visit. I declined though, telling him I wouldn't be returning after having to deal with that.

Yesterday a friend of mine who works at the restaurant told me that the miserable waitress got fired that night and she got arrested cause when the manager fired her, she made scene and tried to hit the manager with a beer bottle. Fun stuff...
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