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The hell... (super short)

Setting: I call restaurant to see if they deliver, guy answers and says "Yes" and I said I'd call back later.

Lady at Restaurant: "Restaurant"

Me: "Hi, I'd like to order for delivery (insert phone smile)."

Lady at Restaurant: "We don't do delivery."

-- 2 second silence --

Me: "Hello?"

**click** She hangs up on me.

-- dials again --

Lady at Restaurant: "Restaurant"

Me: "Hello, yes, I'd...

Lady at Restaurant: "We don't deliver"


-- dials once more --

Lady at Restaurant: "Restaurant"

Me: "Yes I spoke with someone earlier and they told me you do delivery."

Lady at Restaurant: "...Hold on please"

---- end ----

I mean seriously, if you're new, at least ASK someone if you do delivery, don't hang up.

EDIT: I spoke with the first guy after that and got my delivery, that lady was a twat :\.
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