Kisara (kisarax) wrote in bad_service,


I just got back from picking up my liveliness(cancer) meds!

Oh. I am not amused.

Line wasn't too bad, and all that jazz. Well I'm expecting to see this one tech since she's always there, but she's not today. So whatever.

Finally get to the front of the line. There's about 5 people behind me now.

Pharmacy Tech: Name/DOB
Me: *provides*
Tech: Okay! I have one ready for you.
-Tech goes to get medicine-
Tech: Ooh, you know this medicine makes you gain weight right? That's gonna be hard for you since you're already chubby!
Me: .. . . .
Me: Excuse me?!
Tech: That's one of the side effects it says on here.
Me: Do you even know what the medicine's for? *gives her money and grabs medicine storming off!*
I went to go look for the store manager, since I already know that the pharmacist doesn't do shit.
Of course, the store manager is no where to be found.

Fucking walgreens. This medicine's less expensive at Walgreen's and that's the only reason I've stayed. :\ CVS is too far away.
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