KASEY (catastrophize) wrote in bad_service,

I just joined and felt the need to share this gem with you all.

1. The other day I was at the Wal of Mart getting bedding supplies. It's a five bedroom house. I need a lot of bedding. I needed 32 pillows. The ladies in the pillow department were excellent. They aren't the reason why I am here. I had around five shopping carts filled to the brim of bedding, pillows, rugs, etc. They told me to go to Customer Service to check out my stuff when I was ready. Cool. Awesome service. I go to Customer Service with my boyfriend and we begin to sort through things. This takes about thirty minutes.

There are two cashier ladies at CS. They have witnessed us the ENTIRE thirty minutes sorting out our stuff and getting things ready. There was a long line for returns so we got to the very back of the line because we knew ours would take a while, still in plain sight of the cashiers. This is what happens when we go to check out. There is NO ONE in line behind us when we finally get to the registers.

Bitchy Cashier: BC

BC: We only check out ten items or less *snide look*
Me: We've been standing here over thirty minutes and you are just telling us this now?
BC: *says something incoherently and gets a HUGE attitude with me*
*CS has their policies posted behind them. NOTHING is said about 10 items or less. I point this out*
BC still has an attitude with me when I point this out. The other cashier said she would take us after she did one last return. I thank her profusely. BC stood there, not bothering to help us AT ALL with our five huge baskets of bedding and such. We ended up spending almost a $1,000 in bedding. You should be glad I'm doing business with you. It's called Customer Service for a reason, sweetie. You need a new job. =)

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