Hokus Mouse (hokus_mouse) wrote in bad_service,
Hokus Mouse

Roll up the rim for bad service

My boyfriend and I are coffee addicts and Tim Horton's is where we usually get ours. Now I can understand mistakes, and I am usually very patient. Attitude, however, .

I order two coffes and a donut. The lady gives me a price, say 4.19 at the box. When I pull up to the window, she is talking to someone behnid her. She turns to see me, asks for "4.23" and turns to continue her conversation, with just her hand stuck out the window.

I ask her for the price again, and get ignored. I ask again, and she looks annoyed and gives me the price. I hand over the money and sit and wait. And wait. And wait. I can see her just talking to the person there. Finally, she gets me my change, gives me my coffee, and in this super sweet, dripping with sarcasm voice tells me to have a GREAT night and turns back to her conversation before I have a chance to say anything (windows close).

Great, so I have the coffees and not my donut. So I wait until she turns around and notices me, she opens the window, doesn't say anything, and I ask for my donut.

She looks beside her where the orders are piling up, looks at the screen which shows the orders, looks at the register, looks back beside her, finds a bag, doesn't even look inside it to make sure it's the right one, gives it to me, and in the same super sweet voice says "Well I couldn't put it on the tray with the coffees".

So, this person makes it a practice of wishing people a great night, closing the windows, even when she knows the order is incomplete? Please, just say you forgot.


This morning I stopped by a Tim Hortons to get a breakfast sandwhich and a coffee. I mention, before I order that I have a free coffee tab. When I'm given the total, I mention again that I have a free coffee tab (as the total included the price of the coffee). The person acknowledged that, saying, oh Ok I'll change it. So imagine my surprise when it wasn't changed when I got to the window. What does the person at the window say? "Oh I have to change that I wish you had told me." To which I replied, " I told you twice" but she had closed the window right as I was speaking.


I went through the drive-thru to pick up a couple of coffees and a sandwhich. When I get to the window I am handed one unmarked coffee as she takes my money hands me back change and stands and stares at me.

"You going to to tell me what I missed" she asks. I look at her name badge - it says Manager. I almost replied "If you ask me nicely". I point out that almost my entire order is missing. She had served me based on the person in front of me. There was not even an apology - she just said "I undercharged you" and asked for more money.


My boyfriend sees all these adds about the new slow cooked roast beef sandwhich. So one night he asks for it. The girl flat out refused to make it for him. She said the meat she had out had gone bad and she had tossed it and she refused to get more. Not once did she say "it takes a while to make, so I can't get it for you" or "there's no more meat in the back", she just kept saying she would not make it for him (not that she couldn't).
Now this is second hand, so I'm not sure what he said to her, but he ordered three coffees. She hands him one. He asks for the other two. After a big sigh and triple checking the order register, she makes the other two, stopping just before she puts the lid on and says loud enough my boyfriend can hear it "I should spit in this".

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