A Thrill A Bite (smoken_mirrors) wrote in bad_service,
A Thrill A Bite

Spasation follow-up

As a follow-up to this post, I just got off the phone with the manager at the Spasation location where I had my issues.

First, the manager told me she had called back when she never had - she confirmed my number with me, so I can only assume that she was lying about having called. I have call ID and voicemail on my phone - as soon as I told her that, she started backtracking - and have had no issues with it working. She said "okay fine I'll call you back in a minute" and hung up on me.

I took a minute to check my phone, even called it from my work phone just to make sure that it was working, and had my boyfriend call it as well from his work phone. No problems. It's working just fine.

5 minutes, no call back. I'm a bit annoyed at having been hung up on, so I was on the line to the customer service rep again before she ever got around to calling me back. I took her call while advising the customer service rep that I might call back a second time because her attitude had been so off-putting.

She then went on about how I received a Spasation manicure ($55) for the price of an Express manicure ($30) and I should be happy. She completely disregarded the actual complaint I had called in about, and when I pointed out that my complaint had been "xyz not abc", she cut me off saying that it was merely a "mix-up at the front" and "everything was just fine" and was all-around rude.

I know what I paid for - when I left, I had paid a total of $75 so there's no way I received the Express manicure price.

She told me that I could come in, get my nails re-painted (that was all, she didn't even apologize for my experience) and that I should be happy because it was pretty good that I got my manicure for half-price and why should I be complaining anyway?

At that point, I told her that whether I received the manicure for the wrong price or not was not the issue and had nothing to do with my complaint, since it was a mistake on their part (I wasn't thinking clearly here because I was pissed off at her attitude, or I would have pointed out that I had PAID for the spasation manicure). I told her that I was NOT interested in returning to her location, and ended the call because she would not listen to me and was continually interrupting or speaking over me.

I called back the customer service line and left a complaint about her attitude. The girl I was talking to said she had no idea why the manager said I had received a half-price manicure, since it showed on her system that I had paid for the more expensive manicure. When I advised her of the manager's offer, that I would not be returning to that location at all, and that I would most likely advise everyone I knew not to make use of their services, she asked if I would prefer another location.

This lady at the customer service line, I might add, ROCKS! She has changed my mind and I'm willing to give them another chance simply because she went out of her way to help me and to get me booked into another location for a new manicure, no charge.

So - a happy resolution, but jeeze! How do you get to be a manager with such a - a - I don't even know how to describe it. Such a superior attitude, perhaps? She just sounded like she thought I was some little speck of dirt in her universe.

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