blue (watcoulditbe) wrote in bad_service,

On April 1, 2008 I took my dog, Rock, to what I'd heard was the best groomer in town. The name of the business is Pets and People in Statesboro, Georgia. It is a pet store with a groomers station in the back.
Since it was our first visit, I had to fill out paperwork, so I my dog's leash to the assistant groomer and she took him to a kennel. Since it is a small place the kennel was across the room, and once the girl had Rock's head pointed into the cage, she kicked him twice on his rear, more specifically his genitals. He didn't yelp, but I saw him flinch with each blow.
Immediately I said, "Give me my dog back" and the girl who kicked him asked "why", and the groomer, who had seen this yet not said or done anything said "Just give her her goddamned dog back. (Please excuse the language, but that is what was said.)
I took Rock and got out of there as quickly as I could. I was almost hysterical on the way home, but when I calmed down a little bit I got online and left several reviews for this place. I have also contacted Animal Control in my area, and we went to a magistrate court today. The case was dismissed on the grounds that there was "no intent to harm the animal." I had no evidence of what happened, there were no cameras or video cameras around either.
iI am positive that this happens to other animals, and I am writing to my local newspapers and otherwise doing everything I can think of to alert the community.

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