like a shooting star it fades (shewasred) wrote in bad_service,
like a shooting star it fades

This happened about seven years ago and I still haven't managed to wrap my mind around all the stupid involved in it. One day I was out shopping with my mother, and we couldn't agree on where to eat. We finally compromised to stop at one of those gas stations with several restaurants inside. Mom headed for the Burger King, and I made a beeline for the Taco Bell.

The cashier seemed to be fairly new, possibly even a trainee. Nevertheless, I proceeded to make my usual order. A bean burrito with sour cream. Simple, right? She stares at the register for a moment or two, then excuses herself to confer with the manager. When they return to the register, the manager makes a very astute observation.

"Bean burritos don't come with sour cream," she says.

"I know," I respond. Now, I have encountered some cashiers who think "add sour cream" means "supreme minus tomato." I assumed this was the problem, until the cashier assumes a very condescending tone, as though she were talking to a little kid (I was a very young looking 14 at the time), and says...

"Well they don't come with sour cream. You can't have it that way."

This is where my mind boggled and my blood boiled. I can understand the new cashier not grasping the concept of adding sour cream, but the manager? I may have become a sucky customer at that point, but seriously.

"I've been ordering burritos here long enough to know that you can add sour cream to a plain burrito."

The manager pressed a few buttons and lo and behold my impossible order was ready in about five minutes.

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