sebastian (pochenko) wrote in bad_service,

I went out to dinner with my parents on Friday night to a popular Italian restaraunt called Siena's and it was a horrible experience.

The problems started after we had been seated. As soon as we sat down, a waitress came over and asked us if we were ready to order. When we told her that we had just sat down and we haven't even looked at the menu yet, she glared at us, and asked us if we wanted to order our drinks. We ordered water ($1.50 a bottle there, ugh). When the waitress came back with our water, she tossed the bottle onto the table and nearly knocked over a glass.

My dad ordered pizza and mom and I both ordered calamari (I had the main, she had the entree sized). The pizza came about 10 minutes before the calamari arrived, so dad was almost finished by the time mom and I got our meals. A waiter came to our table and was about to give us our calamari, but then our waitress came back, and said "That should be on the entree plate" and took away mom's plate without an explanation or an apology to mom. When the food came back, it was obvious that she had just scraped the food onto a smaller plate. The food was cold, and the waitress got cross when my mom wanted to send the calamari back so it could be heated up.

She only visited our table once after that, and then acted surprised when we told her that we weren't impressed. Even if the waitress hadn't been so awful, the calimari was very salty, and the margarita pizza had hardly any sausage on it. As I had intended to make a complaint, I asked her what her name was (Helen) and she looked very disconcerted when I had asked her that. As petty as it is, I enjoyed freaking her out.

I didn't end up complaining, mainly because I didn't think it would make much of a difference (it's the most popular restaraunt on the street) and because mom and dad wanted to leave quickly. So if any people from Perth, Western Australia are reading this, Siena's on Oxford St Leederville is not a good place to have a meal. If you do want to go there, avoid Helen, the margarita pizza, and calamari.
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