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My husband has a credit card through Capital One that he owed a little over 1,000 dollars to. The other day, they called him and let him know if he could settle the account in two payments of 375 dollars, they would settle it. One payment had to be made in March, and one in April. Both payments would be 375 and then the account would be closed, which would obviously save us a lot of money.

Well, yesterday he pays the first half of this payment. It is confirmed that the payment will be 375 dollars. We're thinking everything is fine. We had about 700 dollars in our joint bank account because we hadn't put in his paycheck for rent yet.

He checks the account this morning and guess what? They put through a charge of 775 dollars. Which overdrew us. He calls them and they tell him that they do not do split payments. That I guess a lot of people have been calling to complain that they were charged the full amount too, when they were told that it was supposed to be split.

So they admit - many people were told that they were going to be able to split their payments in order to settle their accounts. Well, my husband gets transferred to this guy who I can actually hear through the phone being a total fucking dickhead. He's like "Look, we are doing you a favor by letting you settle your account. So what is the problem?"

My husband tells him "The problem is, I was told I would be making TWO payments of 375. One in March, one in April, and then my account would be settled. What you did instead is charge me 775 to my account, which overdrew me. And what I am I supposed to do? Just deal with the overdraft charges and not be able to pay my rent? Because someone at your company lied to me?"

The guy says YES. He says "We don't do split payments. If you were told that, you were told wrong. So what I can do for you is either call your account settled, or give you back the 775 and then you'll owe us the full amount."

My husband is just pissed at this point and hangs up. He calls back and asks to talk to someone else who tells him that they're incredibly sorry, but there isn't anything they can do for him. They know he was told that he could do split payments, even YESTERDAY, but they don't do that. And they can't refund us just half of the payment. Actually, they can't refund any of it because they don't do refunds. And they won't pay for our overdraft either. So essentially now our account is just overdrawn, and we won't be able to make our rent. And we're going to have a nice fat overdraft charge. And apparently nothing we can do about it.

So to sum it all up... fuck you Capital One! Fuck you up the ass.
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