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Lunchtime Woes

I decided to go to Pollo Tropical for lunch today for a yummy Chicken Tropichop. I figured that would be enough food to keep me going until quitting time. So I hit the drive-thru so I could enjoy my lunch in the quite office breakroom.

I get back to my office, take my lunch out of the bag, and what do I find? A scoop of rice, a pathetic excuse for black beans, and three cubes of chicken. Oh hell no. 

So I get back in the car and go inside. I ask to speak to a manager, and the person at the counter grabs the guy behind him (the manager). I open my mouth to speak, and the manager says, "Hold on a second." and proceeds to take the order of the person behind me!

Once he finished with that person, he asks me what I need. I tell him that I went through the drive-thru and show him what I was given. He tells me, "Well, that's how it comes." Um, no. This is NOT $5 worth of food. 

He tells me the only thing he can do is put a few more pieces of chicken on top of the now cold rice & beans. I tell him to just give me my money back, because this is not what I paid for.  

He gives me the refund and then I take my happy self over to Subway for a much needed sandwich. 

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