stah_chica (stah_chica) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Service from Toyota

So the other day I call my local Toyota Service center to make an appointment for an oil change. Sundays are appointment only so I call and have no problem making an appointment for 11 am.

Sunday morning I roll up and see there are no other cars waiting, I pull in and they take down my car info. Besides the oil change I mention that the inside dome light (I forget what the technical term is but it's the one that turns on when you open the door) isn't working. It's probably a simple bulb change and my car is under warranty so I ask them to take a look at that as well.

I go inside and wait. Since it was just an oil change I didn't see the point of having someone drop me off for a wait that would be 45 minutes tops. Boy, was I wrong. I sit and wait and wait and about 12pm I decide to see what's up since no one has called me or mentioned why it's taking so long and I'm usually long gone by this time. I flag down one of the attendants that helped me out he says he'll ask and comes back and tells me it will be 20 more minutes. I'm kind of annoyed by this point because why should an oil change take an hour and 20 minutes? 20 minutes rolls by and it's 12:30 now, I get up again to ask them what the hell is taking so long and one of the mechanics who walked by me before and saw me waiting said "Still waiting, huh?" I said "Yup..." then he asked what kind of car I had and what was being done. I told him and he said he would go see what the hold up was. He comes back and tells me my car is ready. This was the good service part though. See, he's a mechanic and it's my understanding they don't really need to interact with customers but he went out of his way to help me out.

By the time I paid and everything it was 1:00pm and when I asked the attendant who originally helped me what took so long he said that two people had called in. I totally understand that type of delay but wouldn't it have been nice to maybe tell me that so I could be prepared for a longer wait? Instead of sitting there hungry and pissed I could've went out and had breakfast or something. And when I got in my car the fucking dome light still didn't work. I didn't realize til I was too far away to justifiably turn back because I'm certain it's something I can fix myself but it's still really annoying. I'm debating calling them to complain, at the very least I'll call to put in a good word about the mechanic.

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