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This wasn't horrible service, but it was bad enough that I feel like posting about it.

I went to Lone Star. Not the best, not even all that great, but it's usually ok, and there aren't a lot of good Mexican places near me.

I ordered salad with Italian dressing, and fajita enchiladas. The waitress came back to ask if I'd asked for Ranch dressing. Not a problem, better to ask than to get it wrong. I get my salad, and the dressing is orange, and opaque. I got the waitress' attention, and asked if that were Italian dressing. She looked and said it was. When I answered that it didn't taste like it, she looked more closely and offered to replace it.

I had eaten less than half my replacement salad when a runner brought out my enchiladas. One of my pet peeves in restaurants is when you don't have enough time to finish your first course before they bring out the next one. But they couldn't have anticipated my sending my salad back, so I let it go. The runner asked if I'd had the beef enchiladas. When I said no, I'd had fajita enchiladas, she looked at the slip again, and suddenly they were fajita enchiladas.

Of course, when I started to eat them, they were actually beef enchiladas. I almost just ate them anyway, but decided I wanted them to know I could tell the difference (since rewarding bad behavior just leads to more of that behavior). I called the waitress over, and of course she tried to tell me that I had ordered beef enchiladas. Which I know I hadn't. So they got replaced too, which gave me time to finish my salad.

I tipped about 8%; if she hadn't been so pleasant (and said she was new), I wouldn't have left anything.

What pisses me off isn't that mistakes were made, but that two different people told me that my food was what I had ordered, when clearly it wasn't. I suppose they were hoping that I'd be meek enough to just eat whatever they put in front of me.

The only thing is, I probably should've complained to the manager, but I didn't want to get her in trouble. But since I didn't, I don't know if she knows I would've tipped better if she hadn't lied to me, or if she's just glad the lousy service was to a bad tipper.
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