can't sing but I got soul (tomiris) wrote in bad_service,
can't sing but I got soul

a bit of bad service at dairy queen

the other day I went to Dairy Queen because of a random Blizzard craving. I knew exactly what kind I wanted, had my money in hand. pretty good mood so far.

I I went inside and a woman (Leaning Woman, or LW) was behind the counter, leaning on it with her back to me, talking to the other employees. At first I was a little annoyed but I realized that it was a slow time and she didn't hear me come in. So I said cheerfully, "hello!" The woman turned and gave no greeting, just a stare. One of the kids making the Blizzards mumbled a "hey." to me but that was it. Another kid came up and stood next to LW.

Both were standing in between the two tills. Neither made any indication as to who was going to take my order. They both just stared. LW starts tapping her fingernails on the counter. So I put on a smile and gestured towards both tills and said, "Which one?"

Now, maybe LW misinterpreted this as "which kind of ice cream to get?" You'd have to be pretty thick to think that's what was meant, but maybe she had a brain fart. I don't know. Even if that was what she thought, the only thing that excuses is them not getting behind one of the tills. But then LW says,

"Are you going to order today or what?"

I was just floored. I had only been in the store for thirty seconds or so. Not nearly long enough to merit her getting an attitude about it.

I said I wanted a small mint Blizzard with a to-go lid. She rings it up and turns back around to her original position. No receipt printed, and I've been trying to keep track of my spending. So I said "oh, is there a way to get a receipt with that?" A loud sigh from LW, and she slams her finger into a button on the till. Voila! Receipt printed! She puts it on the counter instead of my outstretched hand but at the point I was done worrying about it.

My Blizzard was done. Not full to the top like they normally are, sort of melty (would definitely NOT pass the DQ upside-down test!), NO LID. I was sick ofbeing polite and just wanted to go back to work and eat my ice cream, so I said (not asked), "I asked for a lid. Where is it?"
No word, no apology. The kid that gave me the blizzard grabs a lid and sets it on the counter. Again with ignoring the outstretched hand!
I put the lid on and left. The Blizzard was exactly what I wanted but I was left wishing I hadn't bothered to get it. The whole experience got me a bit grumpy.

I left a voicemail for the store manager the next day and said I didn't want free stuff, but that I would like a call back to know my complaint was heard. No word from anyone yet. What a shocker.

edited to lj-cut. didn't realize how long it was, sorry!
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