_otravez (_otravez) wrote in bad_service,

I don't know if this really counts because if I had called or checked online, I would have seen that they were closed. But I [and many others] did not.

My local DMV was closed today for Cesar Chavez day. They had no notices up on the doors of the DMV. I have never heard about Cesar Chavez day, despite my state being one of 8 states in the country that recognize it as a holiday.

Well, at about 7:45 a.m. I join a huge line of people out in front of the DMV. I listen to random peoples conversations... get annoyed by some bitch blowing smoke in my clearly huge pregnant face [well, even if I wasn't pregnant, hey, eff you, stop blowing smoke in my face].

At about 8:05 [the DMV opens at 8], some guy in front of me is like "What the hell? Why isn't it open yet?" and calls the DMV. He starts laughing and hangs up. He announces really loud that they are closed. A few people ask him what he is talking about. He calls back on his cell phone, puts it on speaker phone and sure enough the message says, "Thank you for calling the DMV! All of our offices will be closed March 31st to observe Cesar Chavez Day".

About half of the line who heard the message grumbles and curses and goes to their cars. The other half looks around and are pissed saying "I've been here since 7:30! What the fuck?!" and everyone notices that there are no notices on the door that say they are closed.

So what the hell DMV? Partially, I don't even care because yeah, I could have checked online and found out they were closed, but all I needed to do was pay my registration so I figured I didn't need to. Since I didn't know today was a holiday, I didn't figure they would be closed. And they probably should have had notices up on the doors at least. Rawr.
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