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Bad/Weird Customer Service

I use the Exposed Skincare System for my acne. It works fairly well, but I noticed a discrepancy in the product usage directions between the how to use guide that comes with the kit and the directions online, so I decided to send them an e-mail.

This is my e-mail to them, which I sent through their customer service/question form along which also asked me for my name and e-mail address. Let's just say my name is Sharon.

My email:

I have been using Exposed for a few months now and it
works decently enough, but I noticed that the directions on the site and
on the packaging box are different from the little "Product Usage Guide"
you insert in the packaging box.

Both the site and the packaging box say to wash your face, use your
toner, use the moisturizer(optionally), then the acne treament serum
during the day and the clear pore serum at night. The Product Usage
Guide Pamphlet tells you the same directions for the morning, but
instead at night tells you to wash, use the clear pore serum, moisturize
and then use the acne treatment serum(both as optional steps), but it
says absolutely nothing about using the toner at night.

I would like to know which application is the correct one, as I could be
maximizing the efficiency of this product by toning at night, but if I
do that and it's inaccurate my face could breakout.

Which way is the right way? If using the toner at night is
correct, you may want to fix the error in your Product Usage Guide.
Thank you.

Their response:


Thank you for contacting us. It appears your order went through on

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you,
Customer Care

Yes, I am quite aware that most companies have an automated e-mail system in which they scan the e-mail and give an auto response, but come on! My name is not DeAnne. I did not have an order on the 27th, my last order arrived here on March 15th and that response has nothing to do with my question. Why would I ever contact them again with such a poor auto-response? Seriously.

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