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Does online fraud count?

I recently used intelius. com to use their unlisted phone number search for a family member. It only cost 7 or 8 dollars, but I noticed a charge for 20.00 on my bank statement around a week later. Many online companies have a "no refund" policy, and Intelius is one of them. I noticed that the additional charge was for an entirely different credit monitoring company. I never signed up for this service, so I called the other company and asked them to cancel my membership that I never signed up for. I had to call back several times to get a refund, but I've heard that other consumers were denied refunds. 

The scary thing is that I never saw any fine print about alternate charges or services. Intelius essentially sold my credit card information to a third party company and charged me 20.00 for a service that I never even asked for! If you ever encounter fraud like this, change your card number and contact the company immediately! I was stupid for using Intelius, but I never expected them to sell my card information to another company without any kind of warning!

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