a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely. (winterbymorning) wrote in bad_service,
a sparkling girleen, painted and lovely.

My friendly neighbourhood shoemaker and I have seen a lot of each other because I tend to wear the hell out of my heels. I've taken my boots to him twice times this winter. Once to fix the broken zipper on the right boot, and once just last week, to fix the broken zipper on the left boot, put some rubber or whatever on the worn-down heels, and polish them. He charged me $35 for this.

I remember distinctly showing him the problem with the zipper : part of it was beginning to get unstitched from the lining of the boot, and three of the zipper teeth were twisted in different directions.

My mom picks up my boots for me. I put them on... the left zipper snags. I check, and it's still unstitched, and the teeth are still twisted.

I go back with the boots and tell him that he didn't do the work I paid him good money to do. He insists that he fixed the zipper on the OTHER boot, and keeps up with this story even when I remind him he'd fixed that one months earlier. Refuses to fix the boot he was supposed to, or give me my money back.

He won't see me again. Not that he likely cares.

But I'm really pissed off. I'm a full-time college student; I have a part-time Retail Hell job that pays a pittance above minimum wage. $35 is a lot of fucking money for me. Now I'm out almost forty bucks and have a pair of boots I can't wear.

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