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Best Buy + Laptops= Bad Service

My husband and I had been searching for laptops. Went to all the normal stores, did our cross pricing and checking prices for the best cost before settling on Best Buy. However, their service has left a lot to be desired. In the past few weeks.

So we go to Best Buy and purchase two laptops with all the goodies we need. The customer service rep assured us we would need virus protection, spyware sweep, the works. My husband never having purchased a new system before, ignored my advice that we could purchase the software we needed else where. In the end, instead of spending the set limit we had, we ended up spending over $1700.00.

The CSR seemed angry that I refused to let the Geek Squad put our antivirus and spyware onto our systems. He tried to say that it took four hours to put these programs on our laptops and it would be best if we let the GS put it on our systems. However, we would have to leave them overnight.

I explained to hubby I could do it. After all how hard is it to actually put a computer disk in the disk drive and follow the on screen instructions? Needless to say, it only took me an hour to put the two seperate programs on my computer and his own.

Second point, we decided on a whim to go wireless internet. Same CSR stated that it would be better to let the GS come into our home, install the router and hook everything up. Hubby looked at me and I reminded him I had hooked up our old router that had been wireless also. The CSR kept insisting we have GS come out and install it and when hubby informed him that I was very well able to do it myself. The CSR looked down his nose at me and turned his back to us. I told hubby it was his choice so,,

Hubby told me to hang on and asked the CSR how much it would cost to have the GS put the software onto our systems and to come out and hook up the router.

For both computers they wanted to charge us 100.00 for the software installation and then another 50.00 to come out and install but it would be three days before they could come out to install. Hubby refused the service. My husband told him that he worked through the weekdays and I don't let anyone in the house. They would have to come during the hours of ten to twelve so that he would be home. The CSR stated point blank we had to work with GS's hours and that they didn't work with ours. Hubby then refused GS and the CSR then vanished and left us to figure out the rest.

When we found yet another CSR to help us, he got the computers, got the software we needed and took it to the front. We then got all the goodies we needed and then asked the CSR if anything on our laptops was trial based.

Hence where the bad service came in.

We were told, no, everything was full programs, including the Microsoft Office Programs. We needed no keys, no codes. We would not have to purchase the software.

Two days ago, my Microsoft Office stopped. True it will bring the documents up but I can't do anything with them. I tried putting in the key on the back where the certificate of authenticity is.

Yesterday was a hetic day. Last night I tried again to enter the key because that's what the microsoft site said it was and where it was located. Again..nothing.

So just a few minutes ago, I called Best Buy. Maybe the key was somewhere else. Not the case.

I explained to the gentlemen on the phone, what was going on. The key wouldn't work for the Office or for the Outlook Express. He asked when we got the systems and I told him on the 17th of March, which was true. That I had tried to use the key that was present on my computer.

He then proceeded to tell me that

All the programs dealing with Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Outlook Express were trial versions. You can only use them a total of 25 times before it would lock down and stop working on trial and require a key.

I told him that the gentlemen who sold us the computers said that everything was full copy.

He told me it wasn't. Now days, everything is a free trial for 25 times ( Microsoft Office and Outlook Express)and then you are required to purchase the product.

Needless to say, I am not happy. The program Microsoft Office which has Outlook Express runs over 100.00. And the man seemed not so happy when I told him that I wouldn't be purchasing the program at this time. He kept insisting that I had to purchase the program.

He was kind enough to explain that Microsoft Mail took the place of Outlook Express, if I wanted to use that. He was snappy though when he said it.

I deleted the office off my computer. I was only using it to write my stories that I do. While I redownloaded Jarte onto my system, I find it easier to use then office. Even though I had to download oodles of coversion files, it is worth it not having to go and spend that money for a program that more than likely I wouldn't use. Best Buy Employee's don't get commission for the sales so why was it so important that I purchase the program I decided I didn't want. I am just glad we have the computers and are able to figure out this stuff on our own. Truthfully we wanted a diffrent brand of computer but we went with the Acer brand instead. At least the computers have lived up to the reviews we got from them and we have yet to have the Blue Screen of Death as they call it. The guy at Best Buy didn't even know what that was. So it is obvious some of the employee's don't go to the website to check on the reviews for their products. That's where we heard of the screen problem to begin with.

edited because I forgot to cut
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