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So Is This A New Marketing Program...

Because if it is it sucks 

In December I ordered a subscription of Spin magazine as well as a few other magazines. Usually i will order a magazine on line but for some reason Spin's website wouldn't or couldn't understand my APO address so I mailed in a postcard and selected bill me later
My first copy arrived in January along with the bill. Send a check for the cost of the subscription the next day. 

Got a letter in the mail a few days ago saying my account was overdue and if I didn't immediately pay my bill Spin would send my account into collections.

WTF- Checked account..sure enough check cleared. Sent back a little note on the bill saying it had been paid in January. So far have not heard anything. 

I've never heard of a magazine sending a collections letter nor sending one for an account that is up to date. Is this some sort of new program I have never heard of?

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