hedgehoginthfog (hedgehoginthfog) wrote in bad_service,

Wells Fargo

I've banked with Wells Fargo for a long time, and I have both a credit card and a check card with them. I've never had any problems with them until now, and perhaps I'm being oversensitive but this problem's quite an annoying one.

This evening, I found a good price on a plane ticket to go home for my brother's graduation. I tried to buy it with my credit card and the transaction just wouldn't go through. When I tried to log into my online banking account, it said the credit card account information was unavailable, but my savings and checking accounts showed up just fine. I finally ended up buying the ticket with my checking card, which was really a less than optimal situation for me.

I called Wells Fargo to find out if there were any issues with my credit card that caused it to not go through (terrified of identity theft). The guy I talked to told me that because they "update the system" every day, my credit card won't work between one o'clock and five o'clock in the morning!

Is it just me, or does having a card that does NOT WORK for four hours every day seem a little ridiculous? Not that I'm generally buying things at three a.m. anyway, but one of the major reasons I have a credit card in the first place is for emergency situations, which can happen any time. I almost don't believe the service rep; I might call back to get a second opinion!

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