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Old event, but still makes me furrious

We've always had pets in my house. Cats and rodents were the norm till we got a dog recently. This is important to the story.

When we first moved here, we had a cat. I'd grown up with her, and she was like a sister to me. We soon found a vet that seemed to be good, and all was well. We stayed with them for the duration of our first cat's life (He ran away thanks to my father, but that has nothing to do with this). The troubles started with our second cat. When he was about eight, he was diagnosed with a thyroid problem, and they put him on meds. He had to get blood work done once a month as a result, to adjust his meds.

Given that ONE month he'd get a full pill, then it was too much, and he'd be down to half for the next, and back to a full pill in the third, things always seemed odd. In fact, they were forever fucking us over with his meds, forever demanding blood tests, giving us the wrong number of pills, overcharging us, and whatnot.

Now BEFORE our cat got sick, we'd also gotten a dog. When she was about four, there was a serious problem with her. She simply could not walk, and was forever whining in pain. My mom and sister rushed her to the vet. I couldn't go with them, for reasons I can;t remember. Any rate, the vet claimed it was nothing, and after some tests, again said it was nothing.

Not much latter, my sister had a rat, who became quite ill. Our normal vet didn't deal with small animals, but she found another vet that would deal with them. It ended up the poor guy had cancer, and had to be put down. My sister was upset, but was quite upset, but very impressed with these vets.

So when she (Behind EVERYONE'S back) adopted a cat, she convinced my mom to take him to the new vet.

So at this point:
Cat and dog - Old vet
New cat - Net vet

Ends up, things go from bad to worse, and my cat died. We had him isolated in my room, because he was being bullied by the new cat, andwhatnot. He ended up dying just before Christmas.

So why's this important? Well, we moved vets at this point with the dog and cat going to the new vet's. The old vet's actions with my cat pissed everyone off, and we felt they had fucked up with him. I felt that they had something to do with his death, as they were forever changing his meds so that he was either too high, or too low. (An event in the not so distant future really set this thought in my mind)

It's when we take the dog in for her regular checkup for the first time at the new vet's that the bombshell gets dropped. My brother and I had taken the dog in, my sister was at university and my mom can't handle her that well.

The vet's then asked us how our dog's panciotitiest was.

I asked him WTF he was taking about. He said the old vets had written IN OUR DOG'S FILES that she had a case of pancriotitest. Remember that 'nothing major' emergency vet visit? Yeah, like hell it wasn't major. The vet proceeded to tell me that the dog had to go on a low fat diet right then and there, AND that she had to seriously cut down on people food, or she'd die.

That's right. The first fucking vet could have KILLED our dog because they NEVER bothered to fill us in about this detail. And hearing that, it's when I began to believe those idiots were ALSO responsible for our cat's death.

Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about it, as it would turn into a he said/she said fight, and there was no proof these idiots had lied about our dog being sick.

All we can do is avoid those idiots. I keep praying for an 'out of business' sign every time we drive by.
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