Kayla (b0oger) wrote in bad_service,

Hungry Jacks

Last night, I went to my local Hungry Jack's (COUGHkaringalCOUGH). I think its an Australian version of Burger King or something. Anyway, I was getting dinner for my family, my sisters friend and my boyfriend, so there was 8 of us in total.

It wasn't busy and we didn't have to wait long to order. The staff were taking orders and people were called out to when their order was ready so that they could continue taking orders. I ordered 4 Spicy Chicken Baguettes, 2 Country Chicken Baguettes and 2 Bacon Deluxe Burgers. (ETA: I had vouchers to get them cheaper). I waited around 25 minutes or so, but baguettes take longer so that was fine. Anyway, the lady finally turned to me and says "Here. We didn't have enough baguettes.", and handed me a handful of coins.

That was so freaking annoying. We ended up 2 baguettes short, so me and my boyfriend went without. She didn't think to ask if we wanted something else, or even notify me that she was doing a refund. If I'd known they were short, I would have got 2 Whoppers or something. Not huge bad service, but huge pain in the ass. And, she wouldn't give me my voucher back :( 
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