misssaramangel (misssaramangel) wrote in bad_service,

Chicken is not turkey

Small bad service suckage but still very annoying.

I go to Subway on my lunch sometimes. Every time I walk in there I get waited on the same older guy. I order what I always order: a footlong turkey breast on hearty Italian. First encounter with this man he starts grabbing chicken and putting it on my sub. I I gently tell him "Oh, I wanted turkey" He stops what he's doing, looks at me and tells me "You SAID chicken". I reply "Oh no. I'm sorry. I said turkey. I always get turkey" and then he very obviously rolls his eyes and says "OHHH, Well I guess I must have to get my ears checked." I'm a little hurt as I was being as polite as I could to him and did not make a big deal out of it at all while he's treating me like this. But I carry on an leave. Second time I go to Subway and deal with the same man, the same thing happens. And then a third time! Practically word for word too! It's driving me nuts. One time is excusable but 3 times is ridiculous. 

I couldn't figure out why this kept happening but I figure I should just say Turkey instead of turkey breast because I'm guessing he hears the breast part and thinks chicken instead. So I'm going to see what happens when I try that.
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