christine (cme2694) wrote in bad_service,

Oh, British Airways, I want to punch you in the face.

So I went to Italy. I left Chicago on Wednesday March 12th, flew overnight and landed in Milan on Thursday March 13th. I waited and waited for my luggage to come out, but it didn't. I spoke to the Lost & Found people, started a claim, and was told that my luggage would be on the next flight in and probably be at my hotel when I got there (I was part of a school group and we were stopping in Verona before going to our hotel).

Get to the hotel, no luggage. Our tour director pretty much takes over from here as I have limited time on my phone card and my cell phone doesn't work in Italy.

We spent that first night and then a second in Venice. On the second day there, we were told that my luggage would be delivered sometime that day. Rather than risk us leaving before the luggage arrives, the tour direction had them deliver it to our hotel in the next city - Florence - and it was supposed to be waiting for me there. It was not. But, don't worry! They have 24 hour delivery service - it could be here any minute!

It's not there while we are in Florence. Oh, it hasn't even left the Milan airport yet? Well, BA says that they will have it flown to Rome (our next and last stop) and it will be waiting for me at our hotel in Rome. Any guesses as to what happened? No luggage! At this point, BA says that they have released it to the delivery service and has no idea why they haven't delivered it (but won't give us the name of the delivery service so that we can call them ourselves).

It's my last day in Rome. Still no luggage. I get to the airport and ask about it. A BA employee gets on his phone, tells me that the delivery service STILL has it, and has it called back to the airport. It won't make it onto my flight, but the one after it. Awesome.

I land in Chicago and immediately as about it. Oh, I was the last flight of the night. It will be on a plane tomorrow. Great.

Friday, I wake up and call BA. My luggage IS on the plane and it will be landing about 7pm Friday night.

Saturday, I call to find out how the delivery thing works. I don't want them leaving my luggage on my porch while I'm at work, ya know? Oh, they haven't yet released my luggage to the delivery service yet. Ok.

Sunday is Easter and I didn't think they would be open, so I didn't call.

Monday, at work, call BA. I'm told that my luggage is STILL IN MILAN. My luggage is not, and was not ever, in Chicago. They will put a message out that my luggage needs to be back in Chicago.

You know what? Shit happens. I understand that sometimes luggage gets misplaced or doesn't make it on to the flight. But to LIE to me over and over again is just insane. BA has the worst customer service that I've ever had to deal with.

I just filed my claim online for my luggage and the replacement stuff I had to buy. After I hit enter, I love the response "Someone will get to your claim in the next few weeks".

I'm not counting on ever seeing my luggage again.
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